Sara Mengistu: Named as 5A Girls Cross-Country Athlete/Runner of the 2010 Season.

Courtesy of Ethiopian Community Organization in Houston (E C O H)

We encourage our visitor to keep in mind that there are a few authentic Ethiopian restaurants in the Houston area. Here are some of them: 

Sheba Cafe 
6251 Bissonnet, Houston, Texas 77081

Nazareth Cafe

Blue Nile Restaurant

Maru Grocery: If you are looking for the taste of Ethiopia, You need to stop by at Maru Grocery. You will find almost everything!

Purchasing house, condo, real states: we all need a place to stay and if you are interested in purchasing house, condo, real states, there are a few Ethiopians who can help you!

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Health and Resources

The Lessons of HIV/AIDS:

About ECOH

Ethiopian Community Organization In Houston (E. C. O. H)
 incorporated as none profit organization under the laws of the State of Texas and has a 501(C) 3 non-profit corporation title. E.C.O.H is a non-profit, non-sectarian, and non-political organization and runs by Ethiopians who volunteer their time, energy, and financial resources to benefit their fellow citizens and its members. E.C.O.H has been actively serving the Ethiopians in Houston since in 1980.  The purposes and objectives of E.C.O.H is anchored on: 

Our Motto!:


Our Value:

1.      Engaging in Membership Development:  By increasing the diversity and inclusiveness of the members. E.C.O.H believe that this  can create a conducive environment for diverse out looks. 

Cohesive Networking Development: With increase flow of information, E.C.O.H believe to  create an environment where members could learn and benefit from other individuals, or groups best practices.

3.      O
  Advocacy Services: E.C.O.H believe to represent and promote the interest of the community. 

Hospitality: Welcoming all to take part and ownership of  the  organization.

                                                            Thank You!

 Just FYI:

E C O H is still selling raffle thickets to raise fund for sponsoring Ethiopian orphans who are victims of war, and HIV/AIDS.

We need your help and your donation money to make this project a reality. Especially every Ethiopians here in the Houston area and abroad should purchase the whole set of thickets, which is $20.00 or you need to send your minimum donation of $20.00 or above to our address: P. O. Box 710395 Houston, Texas 77271-0395. Your donation should be addressed to Ethiopian Community Organization in Houston (E C O H). In the memo field, please write for Ethio-children HIV/AIDS sponsorship

Remember this is the end of the year, you are expected to give donation. Your donation is always tax exempted. 

 E C O H needs a volunteer in the following area:

*    Group of individual who are interested to work on all aspect of our official

*   To operating the Mobile Book Library

*    To study the common needs of our community here in Houston and to give a quarterly trial recommendation to the ECOH executive body for implementation.

*    Group who are interested to study about effective grant writing. This is also a project that need to be feedback to the executive body on a quarterly bases.

If you are interested to volunteer on any of the above area, please
click here 

  Other Matter!
Ethiopian Taxi Association has held their annual general meeting at the Sugar Land Park on February 06, 2010. The meeting, the setup, as well as the festive were exceptionally impressive. The association financial report seems solidly promising for their future success. 

Officials from Ethiopian Community organization in Houston (ECOH) were among the invited gusts, which are given the opportunity to highlight about E. C. O. Hs values and objectives.

Remember! Success could only be secured through self-respect, diversity and working together for the same goal!

You can now be able to set up your own email account...

FYI: All ECOH active members can now be able to set up their own secured email account through ECOH. All you have to do is to send us your request through "Contact US" link and upon verifying your membership, we will inform you as how you can set up your email. It's Free!...

Top Stories The looming food crisis in Ethiopia
ECOH is very concern and worry about the looming food crisis and the starvation that is taking place in the southern region of Ethiopia. Until we are be able to help collectively, we encourage all Ethiopians to take interest as how we can help those who are in desperate need of help.
E.C.O.H is the sole arbiter in deciding what constitutes violation of our terms and values.
login to www.ethiocoh.org under Contact us you should be able contact us directly. or Send your email to webmaster@ethiocoh.org

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Belize Medical College
Spartan Medical College
University of Virginia
Eastern Virginia MD School
VCU School of Medicine
Meharry Medical College
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