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The Lessons of HIV/AIDS:

                                                              Be part of your community

    Weve all been part of communities since kindergarten, or earlier. Churches, schools, sports teams, and neighborhoods all satisfy basic human desires to interact with others and work toward a common goal. And yet, My work in communities has shown me that different sets of people are usually motivated in similar ways. Most people have an innate need to belong and feel like part of something, and successfully contributing to that something can really reinforce self-worth.  

In the end, were talking about fundamental social principles of mutual respect, open communication, and effective incentives. People often want to feel like theyre part of something larger than themselves, and that their talents and skills are appreciated. So polish up the skills you learned in the dorms, the glee club, or the Elks Lodge, and lead your community join us now ,this is the time to work for your community.

ECOH Officers





  E C O H needs a volunteer in the following area:

*    Group of individual who are interested to work on all aspect of our official

*    To operating the Mobile Book Library

*    To study the common needs of our community here in Houston and to give a quarterly trial
      recommendation to the E. C. O. H executive body for implementation.

*    Group who are interested to study about effective grant writing. This is also a project that need to be
      feedback to the executive officers  on a quarterly bases.

                              If you are interested to volunteer on any of the above area, please 

click here 





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